Truth and Beauty

Don’t be stupid. is a thoughtful, fresh, and often funny call for a more intelligent Christianity. Helping Christians think through what their faith is, why it’s true, and how to live it out — so they reflect the truth and beauty of the Gospel they believe. 


What People are Saying about Don't be stupid.

I’m gonna be straight with you… I don’t know any famous people. 

But here are some regular people, like you, who have some thoughts about my book.

I’d believe them. They may not be famous, but they’re smart. 

Don't be stupid. is a brilliant argument for an intellectual pursuit of Christian faith, written in plainly understood language and sprinkled with dry humor. After reading it, I have that satisfied, smiling-to-myself feeling you get when you read something that puts into words the thoughts you have, but haven't been able to express. I have read it twice and gained insights from it both times. This would be a great book for a study group. And if stars are involved, I give all they've got.”

Connie Gaines, Retired 2nd Grade Teacher


"Backed with evidence, Mr. Beck gives a strong testimony of his journey to becoming an intelligent believer. Don’t be stupid. is both thought provoking and encouraging. This book is for anyone questioning why Christians believe the way they do, as well as a guide for Christians to be able to explain and live their beliefs in a logical manner. I highly recommend it."

Brian Hancock, High School Math Teacher and Department Chair


“Reading Don’t be stupid. feels like slipping into your favorite pair of sweatpants. Joshua has a friendly, humorous writing style, and discusses truth with refreshing honesty and thoughtfulness. Don’t pass this one up. ”

Samantha Beck, Medical Student

(Also, she’s my wife. Since we’re married, technically any money from book sales is also hers. So she may be a little biased... Just being transparent here.)


About the Author

Hey, my name is Joshua Beck. I'm a writer, podcaster, and teacher. I live in Oklahoma City, with my wife Sam. I write at, host the Don’t be stupid. podcast, and teach Apologetics and Ethics at a Christian high school. I earned a B.A. in Theology and Philosophy, and am a little obsessed with both superheroes and C. S. Lewis.


From the Back Cover

Each and every one of us has someone we know who has questions about the truth of Christianity. Our kids, our friends, our coworkers, and even some of us. But we, as the American church, have not done a very good job of answering those questions. We’ve come to look down on the curious, the skeptical, the analytically minded.

And we’ve come to dodge the big questions, using faith as a cop-out.  

But Christianity is true, it’s beautiful, and it isn’t going to buckle under the weight of your questions.

Don’t be stupid. is a call for Christians to believe and live this intelligent faith.

It was written to help Christians think through what they believe, and why they believe it. It was written to help Christians be smart in the way they live, talk, and do their work — so they reflect the truth and beauty of the God they serve.

It was written to help clear away the clutter of Christianity, so the world can see Christ.


Table of Contents

I don't know about you, but when I'm browsing book in a book store, I always check the table of contents before I buy. So, with that in mind, here is Don't be stupid.

Introduction: A story about a guy at a Mexican restaurant

Part 1: Intelligent Belief

Chapter 1: Why believe intelligently?

Chapter 2: What is faith?

Chapter 3: Is it okay to doubt?

Chapter 4: What do Christians believe?

Chapter 5: Is Christianity true?

Part 2: Intelligent Living

Chapter 6: Why live intelligently?

Chapter 7: How does your worldview affect your work?

Chapter 8: How do you view your time?

Chapter 9: How do you treat those with whom you disagree?

Part 3: Going Forward

Chapter 10: Actions and Words

Chapter 11: The Example of William Wilberforce

Chapter 12: The Example of C. S. Lewis

Chapter 13: A Guide to Intelligent Christianity

Epilogue: Don’t be stupid.