What is Don't be stupid?

Don't be stupid. is show with three friends talking about Christianity and culture: We talk theology, apologetics, current events, and the Bible. (You might also say we're funny — sometimes. Just thought you should know.)


Who are we?

Joshua Beck

Joshua is a writer and teaches Apologetics and Ethics at a Christian high school. He's highly introverted and is slightly obsessed with both superheroes and C. S. Lewis.

Ben Kerr

Ben works in the banking world. He's a musician and leads worship at his church. He's married, has three kids, and is the funniest guy you'll find with a degree in statistics.

Samantha Beck

Samantha is medical student with a degree in biology. In short, she's a unique mix of affability and brilliance.


How to Listen

You can listen to the podcast in several different ways. The way you listen will depend on the device you use.

If you have an Apple device...

the easiest way is to subscribe via the Apple podcast app. To do that, click the image below, then hit "subscribe." Once that happens, every time we release an episode it goes right to your device. 

If you'd prefer to listen somewhere else, here are the links to take directly to Don't be stupid. on a couple of the most popular apps.


If you do not have an Apple device...

A) you can use the RSS feed. All you have to do is:

1) Download a podcast app to your device. (I would recommend Pocket Casts. It's beautiful and easy to use. And it works on both Android and Windows phones.)

2) Search Don't be stupid.

Or, here's the RSS feed link for those who prefer that:

3) Subscribe

B) you can listen straight from the site by going here.


Join the Conversation

We'd love for you to join the conversation. Don't like what we said? Let us know. Want to add your perspective? Let us know. Dying to make a joke about Ben? Well please, let us know! Head over to Facebook, like the podcast page, and begin interacting. 

You'll also find some behind-the-scenes content, as well as links and quotes that relate to the topics we discuss.